My Laundry Room

I don't have a finished laundry room. But I worked with what I have and made a space that I like, because with 3 kids I do quite a lot of laundry! You don't always have to wait for your spaces to be all finished and perfect and "magazine worthy" to enjoy them.

Having this large counter over my washer/dryer is so nice for organization/storage and for folding. (Although I don't usually fold clothes down there.)

I put all my laundry detergents and stain remover, etc in a plastic bin so they're easy to access, but contained.
Having paper towel and small towels handy is a good idea when doing laundry.

I added chalkboard labels to these bottles/ jars. The mason jar in the middle is filled with dish soap as that can come in handy for certain stains, just like the vinegar and baking soda. I added the pump onto the mason jar to create a cute soap dispenser.

I repurposed some jars and added vinyl onto them and have them to hold various sizes and colours of clothespins.
The Laundry quote print is one that I got HERE. I love seeing it often as I reminder to not wish away the hard days with little kids, cause they grow up much too quickly!

I have another repurposed jar to hold tea lights. I added another chalkboard label onto a jar I bought from Target to hold all those little things left in pockets. I have a little basket that holds the dryer sheets.
The large basket holds all the larger things like the iron, washing bags, extra clothespins and vinegar, etc.

The blue cabinet on the wall was there when we moved here a couple years ago, It's where all the household cleaners and chemicals live.

After I took the rest of the laundry room photos, I added these prints onto the wall.
Laundry Print from HERE. (I modified it to make my own)
Laundry Guide Printable from HERE.


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