Chore Charts

A couple months ago, I finally made chore charts for my kids. 

I made a morning checklist for each of my kids. My oldest is in school, my 2nd child is starting kindergarten in the fall, so getting her started with this early has been helpful. My youngest is only 1 and a half, so hers won't be in use for a while yet. But I made one for her anyways.

I also made a chore chart with age appropriate tasks that they can help out with. This is pretty straightforward. When a child completes one of their chores, they can put a check mark under their initial for the corresponding task.

I put each sheet into a frame, over top of a piece of red & white chevron paper. A strip of it is visible at the top and the chevron is slightly visible under the rest of the paper.I wanted it pretty basic, but a little bit of colour and pattern from the paper makes them a bit more appealing.

I hung them up behind the door in the bathroom. I'll add the chart for my youngest when she's older or if this system doesn't work anymore, I can create new charts and switch them out. We'll see how it goes.

The day I hung these up, my kids did all the chores and were so excited to check things off. I hope the novelty doesn't wear off for a long, long time!

My printables are super basic, but I'm sharing them for anyone that would like to have them. Click on the link underneath each image to download!
My Morning Checklist Free Printable

Morning Checklist Free Printable

The Chore Chart Free Printable

How do you keep your kids on track in the mornings before school?
What chores do your kids do?

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