Christmas Fave #2- Thrifty Decorating

Today's guest post is from Nicole from Thrifty Decorating!


I first saw this set of JOY blocks at Dandelions and Dust Bunnies and I couldn't wait to make my own for Christmas!

Start with a 2x4 piece of lumber that you cut into squares....we just have these things around the house, so I didn't need to purchase one. My husband saves every scrap of wood!

I tried using the table saw, but quite honestly, that thing scares me to death....so I got my husband to cut the squares! I just put my vinyl letter on the block and guess-timated how big I wanted the block.

Grab some red paint....mine was just from Walmart!

I bought my vinyl from Jill at Utah Vinyl and applied it to the painted block....

Then, I added some sheer ribbon from Walmart......It took about one spool to finish one set of blocks.

They turned out exactly like I wanted them to!!

Total cost:

one 2x4.....free

red paint: $0.97---1 jar could do at least 4 sets if not more....so count $0.25 for 1

vinyl: $4.50 per set

ribbon: $1.99 per spool

Total Cost: about $6.75 for a gorgeous gift idea!

You can see more of my thrifty ideas at Thrifty Decorating!


Those are so pretty! Love 'em!! Thanks Nicole for sharing :)

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