the green & purple party

Last weekend my siblings & I threw a surprise party for our mom's 60th birthday. It was kinda stressful trying to get everything ready & set up in a short amount of time because we did it at my parents' house. But everything worked out well in the end.

We had decided on a green & purple colour scheme. Let me tell you, it is really HARD finding stuff in those colours at this time of year!!

Between my sister & me, we managed to find enough to make the table look like this...

I made these little holders for the cutlery and a napkin using cardstock from my scrapbook stash. To make a dozen of them I only needed 3- 12x12 pieces of the solid purple and 2- 12x12 sheets of the green patterned cardstock.

My other sister who is 14, had those large square candles in her room, so those were perfect. I filled a glass with a ton of purple & green straws for each end of the table. A practical touch that reinforced the colour scheme.

With the candles on the table, you can see a couple of decor balls I made. I made a few that I planned on setting wherever.

The green ones were made using crepe paper streamers and gluing them on while forming them into rosette flowers. The purple on is a bunch of small pieces of ribbon glued around the styrofoam ball.

And this one was made using a bunch of circles that I punched out of some scrapbook paper and glued around the ball.

My sister had the idea of using wrapping paper as a table runner. We only used one roll and then taped under each end of the table. So easy & cheap. But it looked really cute!

We also had a couple of banners up, some streamers, and of course some tissue paper pom poms! {Tutorial for those can be found HERE.}

On the island we had all the food set up for the dinner. But I forgot to take a picture... oh well.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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  1. How cute! And I love the idea of using wrapping paper for a table runner - a great way to keep re-using decorations but change the theme! I'd love for you to share this at my blog party Tuesday's Nursery. It's for all ages of kids decor held First Tuesday each month. I hope you can make it, Nan



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