how to make tissue paper pom poms

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Last week was my daughter's birthday. I had fun planning and preparing for her first birthday. I was pretty excited to finally do some girly party things, like making up some pom poms using coloured gift wrap tissue paper.

And hanging them in my dining room.......

Here's how I made mine:

I had been collecting different packages of tissue in her party colours: black, white, and PINK! I thought that the larger packages contained larger sheets of tissue, but didn't bother to read the dimensions on the package. (To those of you who know me personally & have met my dad, this is where he would be adding in some blonde joke....! LOL)

Anyways, I now have a really healthy supply of tissue for my daughter's birthday until she's about ten!

Back to the tutorial..... I used about 10 pieces of tissue for each pom pom.

Made sure the ends were still pretty lined up together, then started folding them....

.............folding them back & forth as though I was making a fan- in an accordion-like way until I got to the other end.

Then I gathered them together flat...

........and used scissors to made a rounded edge. I have seen people that make it pointy instead of rounded, which also looks really cool.

*** This is where I cut some length off the ends to make a smaller pom pom for one of mine.

Then I used white yarn to tie around the middle. (You can use string or ribbon or what ever you want to hang yours up with!)

I tied it somewhat snug, but not too tight.

Then doing one layer of tissue at a time, gently pull it back............

.......and keep doing that and watching your pom pom start to take shape.

Once you have it looking good, hang it up and make a bunch more!!

These are such an easy and dramatic way to reinforce a party colour scheme. I have also seen people that make these and hang them above their baby's crib instead of a mobile.

Either way, they cost so little to make & they look fabulous!


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