Christmas Countdown Books- A Special Christmas Tradition

A couple years ago, our family began doing this new tradition, where the kids open up a Christmas book for us to read each day in December leading up to Christmas. I absolutely love reading a Christmas book to my kids each day and they love opening the book and the excitement of wondering which book it is.

Some time in November I bring out our collection of Christmas books. We have a variety as my kids are different ages (6, 4, 1 right now) so there are baby board books and longer stories. I plan that we read one of the Christ-centered stories on Sundays. And my son's birthday is in December, so I choose one of his faves to read on his birthday. The rest are randomly assigned a number for the day we read them.

I bought these rolls of Christmas wrapping paper to use for the book countdown this year...

I made these labels that I use each year. They are simple and I just print them out on printer paper, then cut them out with a paper cutter or scissors, then tape them on each wrapped book...

This year ordered a few new books to add to our collection, including The Polar Express, I'm excited for them to come!

I was happy to get our books all ready to go this week so we are prepared for the start of December!

It may seem like a lot to buy right away. If you want to start doing this and don't want to shell out all the money at once, look for books at dollar stores or thrift stores. I have probably bought half of ours from Scholastic book orders or school book fairs, as purchases from those allow the school to have credit towards buying more books for the classrooms and library. Bargain books from the book stores can have great options, too.

I like adding a few new ones each year and replacing the baby board books as my kids get older. 

 Again, I love this tradition!

Anyone else doing this in their homes this year?

Do you have any favourite Christmas stories? I would love some more recommendations!

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  1. We do that too. One year I borrowed a bunch of books from the library. So that's another cheap option.


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