Simple Halloween Favors for Classmates

Today I want to quickly share some little goodie bags I made this year and last for my son to hand out at school!

In Grade 1, I bought a couple things of Angry Birds treats, some rockets, and some Monster's University candy sticks.
The bags came from Dollarama (here in Canada) and I made labels on my computer and printed them off on orange cardstock.

Each pumpkin-shaped jack-o-lantern bag had 4 treats in it...

My son loved them and he was excited to hand them out on Halloween during the class party!

For Grade 2 this year, I bought a bunch of vampire teeth, pencils, erasers from the Dollar Spot area in Target. And I also picked up a bag of Ring Pop gummies from the grocery store...

My kiddos enjoyed helping me place the items on each bag...

Once everything was set out, we were able to fill the bags with the goodies...

I even printed off the same tags I had made from last year, cause why not?!!

These have been ready and waiting for a few weeks. He is excited to hand them out at his class party on Halloween.

So easy, so simple!

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