My Daughter's 4th Birthday Party- Muppets Theme!

The Muppets are a big deal in our house. A BIG deal.

When my daughter turned 4 in the spring, she wanted a Muppets party. 
And I thought "challenge accepted!" since Muppets party stuff is not really available unless one is willing to pay a lot for it online. 

I really enjoyed brainstorming ideas and I think this was my favourite birthday party that I have done as of yet!

Lots of banners!

I made this sign for our front door that said "Welcome Party Animals"

The top image I found online and the bottom one I made and used Muppets lettering to spell out my daughter's name...

I made Kermit letter "M"s for "Megan"...

I found Muppets images and printed them off and hung them on string with clothespins for a banner. It was so simple and I loved how awesome it looked!

My kids' Muppet toy sets were fun to set up on the tables for the kids to play with:

I added Muppets images from the latest 2 movies to decorate up some plain party hats...

I also added the Muppets movie photos to a plain birthday cake pinata...

Some photos of the food spread:

We served Hot Dogs a with all the fixin's and other Muppet-themed food:

Cute paper straws in the colours of my kids' fave Muppets: pink for Miss Piggy, green for Kermit, and red for Animal:

Miss Piggy's Pigs in Blankets:

Rowlf''s Hot Dogs:

The Muppets' Yogurt Tubes: 
(I froze them beforehand so they stayed cold during the party)

Rainbow Connection Fruit Kebobs:

Kermit the Frog's Pond Water:

Beaker & Bunsen's Explosive Punch:
(I froze ice cubes in different shapes using lemonade & juice instead of water and added frozen fruit to the punch as well) Pink & Green Cups for Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog of course!

Whoppers for Gonzo the Great's Cannon Balls:

Twizzlers for Animal's Drum Sticks:

Bitz & Bites for Camilla's Chicken Feed:

Jelly Beans for Dr. Teeth's Secret Stash:

Bear Paws cookies for Fozzie Bear's Paws:

"mah na mah na!" 

The cupcakes!

I bought the Kermit & Miss Piggy rings online, they were a bit pricey, but oh so worth it!

(The pink icing was strawberry flavoured & the green icing was lime flavoured)

So many sweet treats with the very sweet birthday girl!

I again added some Muppets images to regular birthday treat bags I got from Michael's:

Each treat bag got one of the Muppet character Pez dispensers, a smarties egg, and a Muppets lollipop...

I bought a Muppets mold online so I was able to make these Muppets lollipops. They were darn cute!

My daughter was one happy 4-year old with her Muppets birthday party!! And that made all the work so very worth it!!

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