"Orange You Glad It's Summer?" Teacher Gift Idea + Free Printable

My son only has 2 more days of kindergarten & I am definitely excited to have him home for the summer! Here is what he will be giving his teachers as an end-of-the-year gift......

I went on the hunt for orange things & this is what I got together......

{Reusable bag, acrylic insulated cup, ice cube tray, box of fuzzy peach candies, bag of orange cream pop candies, orange chocolate, orange gum, small photo frame, pencil + notepad, chapstick, and kleenex packet.}

I made up a printable of the tags. I sized them so that 2 fit on a 4x6 sized print. Then you have 2- 2x3 prints.
You can download the file here.

I cut mine, rounded the corners, then attached them to the back of some Project Life journalling cards that coordinated well. On the back I wrote a little note to each of my son's teachers thanking them for teaching him throughout the year & my son also signed his name on the cards.

I used these cute orange ribbon paper clips that I got in this package for 50 cents from Michael's to attach the cards to the bags.

I had some cute orange & pink creamsicle ribbon that I used to tie the handles of the bags together since it matched the bags so well. And you can see how I added the tags on using the paper clips......

I am so grateful for my son's teachers who have taught him this year.
He has had a wonderful time in kindergarten and I really appreciate all they have done, so I hope they enjoy these little gifts!


  1. Hi Sarah! I love your ideas. Such a perfect way to let your son's teacher know how special they are!

  2. Hi Sarah, I was just looking at you sons pirate party. Too cute!! I am planning a pirate party for my son's 4th birthday. Could you please email the place you bought the swords from? They are PERFECT!! Thanks.

  3. Hi Sarah. I was just looking at your blogpost from your son's pirate party! Too cute!! I am planning a pirate party for my son's 4th birthday. Could you please email me the place you bought the swords? They are PERFECT!!

  4. I used this idea for my sons Kindergarten and preschool teachers. Thanks for the idea and the tags. You are very talented and thanks for sharing.

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