3 Dollar Store Crafts for Christmas [Christmas Re-Post #4]

Hey everyone! I don't know about you, but I getting pretty excited for Christmas!! I thought it would be fun to start off my Christmas posts this season with sharing my Christmas crafts from last year. Enjoy today's projects!


Here's a little project I made one Christmas. I bought a wooden 3D tree puzzle from the dollar store. I assembled it, spray-painted it green, then used some scrapbook pearls as "decorations". It was easy & turned out cute, AND it only cost me $1.25 to make!

I made this cute little door hanger for my son's room a couple years ago:

I bought a wooden sled from a dollar store, painted it, and added some scrapbook paper, foam letter stickers & embellishments & VOILA! Done! I like how it turned out & it was easy to do!
And it can be out all winter long, not just at Christmas. He has actually kept it in his room since last winter- he just loves it!!

A few years ago I found this picture holder at the dollar store... for a buck!

Last year I decided to turn it into something to hold some Christmas cards.I just covered up the words with some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. I got the metal "Noel" stick-on embellishment from my scrapbook stash.

It took no time to give it a look Christmas-y look. I know it won't hold many cards, but with the ages of my kids, I have few options of how I can display the Christmas cards that we receive.

And I love that this project was made with things I already had. Easy!

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  1. Love these ideas! I try to remember the $1 more often when I want to craft something.


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