the simple things- week #15

This photo makes me smile.

I love my kids so much.

I feel blessed every day to be their mom.

It makes me smile that my son, who is almost 4, took this photo of his sister & me.

I like that he can grab the little camera & help me capture the little moments in our life.

And it's nice to have a few photos where I am in front of the camera
& not just the one taking the picture every time.

It's nice to have some proof that I was present for my kids' childhood!



  1. This is so sweet! I know exactly what you mean about being in front of the camera. I try to post some of these pictures on Fridays, in response to SouleMama's prompt '{this moment}.'

  2. Aww so cute. It sucks always being the one behind the camera. Sometimes I want to be in the photos too, so I completely understand.

  3. aw I love this! It is nice to be able to get in a picture every now and then isnt it? ;)

  4. Cute! I'm glad my son can take pictures of me too or I try to use my timer on my camera...


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