organize me monday #5

Last year I gave a tour of my daughter's room. She is now almost a year and half and a few things have been changed in there since she was born. The simple things I did to make her closet organized have stayed the same.

These photos are from that original post:

And 17 months later, her closet hasn't changed much. She has outgrown about 2 big bins full of clothes. Having a bin in her room to easily add things as she outgrows them has been so handy!

The hamper has stayed in the same place. She now has some tutus that hang on the bottom shelf. And I added a big pink canvas bin to hold some extra toys in her room.

And the dividers I made for her closet still make me happy. I can separate her dresses from her other clothes in the closet. (A majority of her everyday clothes and blankets are still kept in her dresser.)

And I have all the clothes that she has yet to grow into all together.

The organization systems I have implemented in our house make every day life a bit easier. And on the {rare} occasion that we go out, I know things will be easy for those watching our kids to find.

Happy organizing!


  1. I also have a bin in my daughter's closet (and son's) that I toss clothing into that no longer fit! Makes things a bit easier. I just toss them in as I am putting her things away. :)

  2. Love the dividers. I think I'll make some for both my girls'closets!


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