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Hi, I am Emily from Nest. Nesting. Nested.

I am a girl who loves, I mean absolutely loves, home improvement/decorating projects.

I, like so many others, am on a budget when it comes to decorating.

Over the years of trying to transform my home, I have realized that it isn't going to happen overnight, especially when on a budget. All of my spaces have happened over time, one project at a time.

Two of my favorite budget makeovers are my kitchen/dining and my laundry room.

My kitchen/dining room...
The first thing I did in my kitchen/dining was find a table, and a few weeks later chairs. I found the table for $80, and the chairs for $7 each. The table was a shiny, awful brown, and the chairs were an old brown color in need of some t.l.c. In my past life, before DIY , I would have thought no way! But now, I think...this could really turn out cute. I sanded, stained, and painted the table that I once would have never even taken a second look at, now I have a charming, sturdy table and chairs that I quite like.

My framed plate display, also something I really like, was a mere $15 project. I had the frame(I see frames like this at thrift stores sometimes for $5 or $6), just repainted it using a sample size of Martha Stewart's "Heavy Cream" paint. I found some cute vintage plates for $1 or $2 each at an antique store. Bought some plate wires, hung my plates and frame, and now I have a cute wall display that didn't break the bank.

My cabinets...

I painted and glazed them myself. To make them look a little more expensive and custom, I simply added moldings. I cut the moldings myself; if you don't have access to a miter saw you can always buy your moldings at home depot, they have a miter box that you can use to cut your own wood.

I also made my own plate rack using round and square dowels...a $10 project!

My Laundry room...

Less than $350 total!

A few things that I have learned along the way to stay on budget while creating a space that I will love ...

*Try to look at something for what it could be, not what it is.

*Always plan your projects out, and do your research. I have had too many projects that I have done wrong, or rushed and had to redo because I messed up, or it turned out sloppy. What a waste of money and time!

*Try to think of ways to re purpose items. Cookie jars turned into laundry soap containers, a cute shower curtain or an old quilt made into pillows, etc.

*Paint! Paint is such a quick and easy way to change the look of a room, a piece of furniture, cabinets, etc.

*DIY, try not to hire out

*Don't be ashamed to go thrifting. Some of my most favorite things I have found at thrift and second hand stores.

*Know when to splurge. There are somethings you just have to splurge on.

Good luck with all your future home improvement/decorating projects!

Check out my blog for tutorials on my plate rack, moldings, tiling, & updating, painting, and glazing cabinets.

Thanks for reading!!!


Emily, thanks so much for all your fantastic ideas!!


  1. Is Emily's blog private now? How can I view it?

  2. How can I view Emilys blog, I love it her tutorials on cutting crown moulding I need it so bad can someone tell me how I can join


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