organize me monday #3

I know it's Tuesday, but I have a quick organizing post, so let's pretend for a minute that it's Monday :)

I love finding the perfect organizing solution for something. And I also love finding something that's meant for another use, but making it an organization tool instead. Here are a few things in my kitchen that I love.....

This flower pot caddy was something I found on clearance (for under $10) at Sears when I was a newlywed. Ever since then, it has lived on the top of the fridge in each place we have lived to hold pens, pencils, sharpies, scissors, etc. I love it!

I recently found this little container at the dollar store. It is meant for cheese slices, but it makes the perfect holder for cake decorations tips and icing bags.

Yeah, I love a good flower pot for storing things in. This plain one (from Canadian Tire) is perfect for my stash of cupcake liners. It doesn't take up much room in the cupboard & it keeps them from getting crushed.

I used this jar from peanuts to hold tea lights. After removing the label, I just added the vinyl frame to decorate it a little bit. I just thought the shape of the jar was cool.

Happy organizing! :)

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  1. Clever clever on all of them! I totally need to try that for my cupcake wrappers.


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