scrapbook saturday #21

Yay! The weekend is here!! I made up a couple of scrapbook pages this week...

I don't believe in only scrapbooking the good. Although I rarely scrapbook the hard times, it's a good thing to document life's trials from time to time. So I decided to make a page using some of the pictures I took on my during my daughter's first stay in the hospital. It would be so easy to forget how little she looked and all the other little details. But now it's recorded on paper and we can remember that experience.

This page I used a photo of my son that was taken last year when he came to meet his sister for the first time in the hospital. Thankfully I had the foresight to pack something for him to do. The new baby didn't hold his interest for long because all she did was lay there :)

These pages aren't super wonderful, but I recorded a couple of memories. And that's what I love so much about scrapbooking- the photos and the words together..... along with the pretty papers, too! {wink!}

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  1. Great job! It has been so long since I have scrapbooked. It scares me how behind I am! Maybe I can pull them out this weekend and get some done!!


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