Temple Picture Block

I made this quick and easy project for my son's room a couple weeks ago. Because the Temple is such an important part of my faith, I wanted to have a photo of it in my son's room as a daily visual reminder of it. Instead of simply framing a photo, I opted to add a photo onto a block to make it more durable and able to be handled lots.

All I did was print out a photo of the Temple in our city, distress the edges, the glued it with Mod Podge to the block I had painted white.

I am happy with how it turned out! He is always so excited when I make a project for his room so that is always a bonus :)

{you can see more about the framed letter "J" in this post}

I have more projects that I'll be posting today.... stay tuned!



  1. Cool! That gives me similar ideas for my son's room!

  2. Such a beautiful and creative way to incorporate an important element of one's faith into the home!

    So glad to have linked-up after you at "Homemaker in Heels"!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17


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