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Sorry for the lack of posts lately. One of my kids was pretty sick last week & this week has been full of making pretty things for my daughter's first birthday party on Saturday- can't wait to share some pictures here, once the dust settles!

I have been thinking about which blog I wanted to do a spotlight on next and the obvious choice was one that I have been a long-time follower of, It Works For Me!

I have been one of Bobbi's fans for ages. She is one talented gal! She is a mother of 4 girls, who manages to keep an amazing blog, do crafty things, AND keep up with her photography business. She has inspired me countless times with her photos, her creative talents, and her faith.

She offers up great photoshop tutorials, and has begun sharing the coolest printables that she designs!!

Here are a couple printables from her blog that I have had made then framed for my home......

This family one is so bright and cheery. It has a special home in my craft area!

I love that she made one using the 2011 Primary theme! My son is in Sunbeams and I was so excited to frame this one up for his room. Although he can't read it yet, it will be a special reminder to him of how precious the scriptures are.

Make sure you go on over and check out her blog. You'll be glad you did! :)


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  1. Thank you for such an amazing spotlight! I am just a normal mom trying her best, and I love hearing that what little I do is brightening someone's day. Thanks again!!


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