balloon wreath

Here's an easy and inexpensive wreath I made last month when my son had his birthday. A balloon wreath...

I bought this glittery wreath from the dollar store for $2. I also used balloons and tissue paper (both of which can be found at the dollar store as well).

Using my glue gun, I wrapped the tissue paper around the wreath so that glittery stuff wouldn't keep falling onto everything. (I decided after this photo was taken to only use the red tissue paper.)

I tied the balloons onto a piece of yarn I found in with my craft supplies...

Then wrapped and ties the string of yarn onto my wreath. I think I ended up tying a few balloon-covered pieces until I had the amount of balloons I wanted.

Then I hung it with a piece of ribbon. All done!

So easy and customizable. You could add less balloons OR cover the whole thing based on your preference.

And the best part?? You can reuse for other birthdays in the family!

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  1. Very cute! I love all the different colors you used.


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