december advents

My son's birthday is coming up soon. He is extremely excited to turn 3! He loves all things Toy Story and that will be the theme of his party this year. So I made him a paper chain advent to count down the days until his birthday, and I added a sticker of Woody (his fave) to make it more fun for him. To get him even more excited and involved, I let him colour each of the paper strips with his crayons. He loves tearing off another link each day and finds it hard to do only one per day:) I'm glad I took the few minutes to make this for him. He has really loved it!

Last week I came across this easy and ingenious take on the standard kid's craft of a paper chain to count down the days till Christmas at Make and Takes. Mine doesn't look as good because I cut my strips of paper a bit too wide. But this was such a cute and easy project that I think will become a tradition in our home. The only problem is that I like it too much to want to take any of the paper chain links off- hehe!

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