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Last Saturday I attended my ward's Super Saturday at church. (Super Saturday is an event that happens each fall when the women at church gather and make craft/ baking/ sewing projects that we sign up for.) I love having the chance to get out for a bit, visit with friends from church, and get creative! My sister-in-law and I went together and brought our babies, so we ended up bringing our project home because our little ones we done.

So anyways, the project we made was a set of 7 wooden blocks that can be rearranged to spell out 16 different words!

The blocks are just 4 inch square fence posts. We spent most of our time on Saturday sanding. I wish I had brought my husband's sander or even a sanding block. Sand paper took for-ever.

When I got home, I coated the blocks with one coat of black acrylic paint. After the paint was dry, I sanded them like crazy. I liked how they looked at that point, so I added on the vinyl letters.

Here they are spelling out some different words........

Pretty soon I'll be able to spell out this word......

But for now, they're in my entrance, arranged like this........

Here are all the words they can spell out:


I even found THIS post at Little Birdie Secrets if you're interested in making some of your own. They would make a fabulous Christmas gift, too!!


  1. These are great! It's nice that you can change the words.

  2. That's so awesome that it can spell so many words - how useful!!


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