lace flower

I was inspired by the lace flower at Chicy Creations. So I'll show you my version.........

Although I LOVE the pink lace that Amy used, I only had white on hand. Here are the supplies I used:

I cut a circle out of white felt...

Then began gluing the lace down, working from the edges into the middle......

Using lace make it easy to burn your fingers on the glue. Don't ask how I know this ;)

I opted to kind of bunch the lace every so often, like this:

Then I glued this pearl in the centre:

I originally wanted to turn it into a headband for my daughter, like this:

The headband was cute, but just a bit too much lace for what I wanted. So instead, I stitched it onto this black shirt I bought for her last week. I can just remove it easily if I want to use the skirt plain.

She wore this to the wedding we went to on the weekend and got lots of compliments. But that's a regular thing for her :)

What would YOU add a lace flower to???


  1. This is so cute! I would add it to a frame or something like that!


  2. Love how yours turned out! The white is beautiful, especially against the black skirt. I need to pick up some white lace myself now!

  3. Love the flower on that skirt! Too cute!


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