crayon cozy

I have seen crayon cozies/ crayon rolls around blog land in the past. So I decided to try making one for my son to use at church on Sundays.

It was a project I did not enjoy making. I should have followed a tutorial, because I'm not an expert when it comes to sewing. It's a simple enough project though.... it would have been fine if I didn't decide to use t-shirt material for the pocket part. What a headache that stuff is! It makes it impossible to keep things lined up.

I didn't love the process of creating it. It's not perfect, but my son LOVES it. I told him I was making him a present and he would just sit beside me and watch me sew... and rip out seams :)

He was so excited when it was all done & I gave it to him. So I'm glad that I made it. I think it's a fun & cute little project. I learned my lesson that t-shirt material is not my friend.

Here it is all rolled up and secured with the button and elastic I added to keep it all done up nicely........


  1. That is super adorable! What a fantastic job! I am already following, but since I was here, figured I would leave a message!

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  2. I love this! My sister in law had a similar one, and I really wanted to make it. So thanks for the tutorial.

    I passed an award on to you. If you'd like to accept it, visit my site and copy the image to your blog!

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  4. lovely blog im following you through design chic's friday blog hop :)


    xxx love from the UK

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