tulle headband

Tulle hair accessories are another thing that have been floating around in blog-land for a while now. Here's my version:

I cut a small circle out of felt.

Then I cut some strips of tulle, then tied a knot in the middle of each. (I used 4 of these pieces for this headband.)

Then I attached the first one to my felt circle using a glue gun.

Then I added the next ones:
Then I attached a thin piece of elastic to the other side of the felt circle.
Next, I wrapped the ends of the circle around the elastic with more glue:

Here's the finished product. I was going to add a rhinestone to the centre, but it was bulky enough in the middle with all the knots.
I made the elastic a bit too big for my baby, but it will fit her better when she's a bit bigger I guess. How cute will that look when I make her a tutu to match?!

I'm having a blast making all these girly things! :)

{This idea was featured on the Childmade site}


  1. How sweet is that loved youe tutorial!

  2. You made it look so easy!!

    I am a new Friday Follower. Would love to have you visit me at my blog!

    Critique of the Unique

  3. awwww she is gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing, the headband is so cute...


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