accessory organization

This is how I have organized my daughter's every-growing collection of hair stuff on the wall behind her bedroom door:

I had this memo board that was in my room when I was a pre-teen that I had bought from Claire's.

And here is the new and improved version that it now a hair clip board:

I bought this hook from a dollar store like 3 or 4 years ago. It was $2.00 and I thought it would be nice to hang a purse on in our room. But it wasn't totally my style and I didn't like using it anyways.

So I spray painted it bright pink and mod podged some of the paper that I used elsewhere in her room to make it look like this:

I hang her little hats on this hook thing I got for an awesome clearance deal of only $1.99 from Urban Outfitters last year. Part of me wants to paint it pink or more likely white, but I also like the way it looks now. So I'm leaving it alone unless I decide otherwise.

{This was featured on the Dollar Store Crafts site}

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