My Daughter's 5th Birthday- Frozen Theme!

My daughter recently turned 5 and had a Frozen Birthday Party to celebrate! She had been talking about her Frozen Party daily for a good 9 months or more before it took place, so it was a highly anticipated event in our family.

I really enjoyed planning her party. I had bought some glittery decorations back around Christmas with her party in mind.

Under the "Happy Birthday" banner, I made a banner using the glittery ornaments I bought back in December to make another banner of snowflakes and other things I thought would work well with the Frozen theme.

I printed off the 4 printables from this website, then made another one to match (the middle one- "Love is an Open Door" in order to include that quote as well.

We had a family party in with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and served lunch at that party- hot dogs, my daughter's favourite. We also had veggies & dip, fruit, cheese strings, chips, etc.

Later on that same day, we had another party with her friends. At that party we had fruit, veggies, chips, cheese strings, and other snacks and treats. {I have learned that there's no point in trying to feed kids lunch at parties. They are too excited to play and don't want to actually eat too much and so much food gets wasted.}

The birthday girl by the island before her party started.

I drew Olaf faces on the string cheese with Sharpies.

I printed off the food signs from this website.

I used pineapple juice on the apples so they wouldn't go brown. {Lemon juice works as well, but is too sour for some kids.}
I printed off the water bottle labels from this website.

For "Kristoff's Ice", I made the Jello Recipe from this website.

I printed off this "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" print that I found in Google images.

For the blue punch, "Elsa's Punch", I mixed blue raspberry Hawaiian Punch with lemonade I made from frozen concentrate, and Sprite.

For the purple punch, "Anna's Punch", I just made up cans of frozen grape punch and mixed it with Sprite,

The birthday princess and her cupcakes...

I used glitter sprinkles, and frozen gummies I found at the store at Valentine's Day/Easter times and made the cupcake toppers with printables from this website.

Both my girls wore Frozen shirts for the party and I made an Olaf shirt for my son using a plain white tshirt and Sharpies.

I had lots of games planned: musical chairs using Frozen songs, freeze dance using Frozen songs, Pin the Nose on Olaf, and Olaf Bowling that I made using empty kleenex boxes that I covered in paper. The kids weren't as interested in the games as I hoped they would be. I think they were a bit young to stay focused on anything for more than a few minutes.

For the treat bags I made up a gazillion "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" bags (I made the labels for the bags) and the kids also got ring pops, ring pop gummies, rockets, tattoos, stickers, blowouts. I made 24 treat bags to have enough for cousins, friends, and my 3 kids. Oh so many!

We had fun celebrating my daughter's 5th birthday with her Frozen Parties!

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