Easy Healthy Snacks for Halloween

Last week I invited some friends and their kids over for a  Hallowwen playdate. The kids wore costumes and played and the moms visited and it was a good time! I asked everyone to bring a healthy snack to share. 

I drew faces on mandarin oranges so they looked like jack-o-lanterns...

I also bought mozzarella cheese stings and made them look like ghosts...

I used a sharpie for both. These are a hit with my kids. I have added these snacks into my son's school lunches and my little girls are both huge fans of cheese so we have gone threw lots of "ghost cheese" this month!


Simple Halloween Favors for Classmates

Today I want to quickly share some little goodie bags I made this year and last for my son to hand out at school!

In Grade 1, I bought a couple things of Angry Birds treats, some rockets, and some Monster's University candy sticks.
The bags came from Dollarama (here in Canada) and I made labels on my computer and printed them off on orange cardstock.

Each pumpkin-shaped jack-o-lantern bag had 4 treats in it...

My son loved them and he was excited to hand them out on Halloween during the class party!

For Grade 2 this year, I bought a bunch of vampire teeth, pencils, erasers from the Dollar Spot area in Target. And I also picked up a bag of Ring Pop gummies from the grocery store...

My kiddos enjoyed helping me place the items on each bag...

Once everything was set out, we were able to fill the bags with the goodies...

I even printed off the same tags I had made from last year, cause why not?!!

These have been ready and waiting for a few weeks. He is excited to hand them out at his class party on Halloween.

So easy, so simple!


An End-of-the-Year Gift Idea for Teachers & Classmates + Free Printable

So I know school just started again, but I never posted about what my son gave his teachers at the end of the school year! Better late than never though! 

Since we were at a new school for his Grade 1 year, I totally recycled the gift idea we used the year before when he was in Kindergarten!

I made up bags of fun orange things and put them in cute orange gift bags with tags that said "Orange you glad it's summer?". He had a teacher and a teacher's assistant in his class, so I needed to make up 2 of these bags.

Each bag contained:
-file folders
-candle holder
-acrylic drinking cup
-orange container
-package of orange flavoured Kit Kats
- a pack of Fuzzy Peaches
-orange Tic Tacs
-an orange Hawaiian lei necklace

(And I added a small bottle of Diet Coke in the bag for his teacher who loves Diet Coke. I also gave her a 2L Diet Coke decorated with Washi Tape and a card thanking her for teaching my son.)

My son wrote on the tags that we tied to the bags with some cute creamsicle ribbon.

All ready to go!

I attached the tags with these cute paper clips I found at Michael's...

I made the printable tags and then glued a coordinating card on the back from my stash of Project Life supplies...

I made up a printable of the tags. I sized them so that 2 fit on a 4x6 sized print. Then you have 2- 2x3 prints.
You can download the file here.

You can also check out what I did for my son's Kindergarten teachers by clicking on the photo below:

I also made up these simple year-end gifts for my son to hand out to all the kids in his class:

My preschooler daughter also handed out a couple to some of her little friends that are younger siblings of kids in my son's class...

I bought the packs of cute bags from Target last year and each kids got a big box of Smarties and a thing of bubbles!

Then I made simple tags on my computer that said "Have a happy summer, Smartie!" and stapled them to the tops of the bags.

You can click on the photo below to see the post from last year:

Happy Monday, everyone!


My Daughter's 4th Birthday Party- Muppets Theme!

The Muppets are a big deal in our house. A BIG deal.

When my daughter turned 4 in the spring, she wanted a Muppets party. 
And I thought "challenge accepted!" since Muppets party stuff is not really available unless one is willing to pay a lot for it online. 

I really enjoyed brainstorming ideas and I think this was my favourite birthday party that I have done as of yet!

Lots of banners!

I made this sign for our front door that said "Welcome Party Animals"

The top image I found online and the bottom one I made and used Muppets lettering to spell out my daughter's name...

I made Kermit letter "M"s for "Megan"...

I found Muppets images and printed them off and hung them on string with clothespins for a banner. It was so simple and I loved how awesome it looked!

My kids' Muppet toy sets were fun to set up on the tables for the kids to play with:

I added Muppets images from the latest 2 movies to decorate up some plain party hats...

I also added the Muppets movie photos to a plain birthday cake pinata...

Some photos of the food spread:

We served Hot Dogs a with all the fixin's and other Muppet-themed food:

Cute paper straws in the colours of my kids' fave Muppets: pink for Miss Piggy, green for Kermit, and red for Animal:

Miss Piggy's Pigs in Blankets:

Rowlf''s Hot Dogs:

The Muppets' Yogurt Tubes: 
(I froze them beforehand so they stayed cold during the party)

Rainbow Connection Fruit Kebobs:

Kermit the Frog's Pond Water:

Beaker & Bunsen's Explosive Punch:
(I froze ice cubes in different shapes using lemonade & juice instead of water and added frozen fruit to the punch as well) Pink & Green Cups for Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog of course!

Whoppers for Gonzo the Great's Cannon Balls:

Twizzlers for Animal's Drum Sticks:

Bitz & Bites for Camilla's Chicken Feed:

Jelly Beans for Dr. Teeth's Secret Stash:

Bear Paws cookies for Fozzie Bear's Paws:

"mah na mah na!" 

The cupcakes!

I bought the Kermit & Miss Piggy rings online, they were a bit pricey, but oh so worth it!

(The pink icing was strawberry flavoured & the green icing was lime flavoured)

So many sweet treats with the very sweet birthday girl!

I again added some Muppets images to regular birthday treat bags I got from Michael's:

Each treat bag got one of the Muppet character Pez dispensers, a smarties egg, and a Muppets lollipop...

I bought a Muppets mold online so I was able to make these Muppets lollipops. They were darn cute!

My daughter was one happy 4-year old with her Muppets birthday party!! And that made all the work so very worth it!!


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