Classic Kids' Birthday Parties

Happy Wednesday & welcome to the third day in my series this week: Classic Crafting and Creativity! Each day this week I am sharing a round-up of my favourite & the most-viewed past posts. 

 Today is all about Birthday Party Ideas for Kids!!

I really enjoy doing birthday parties for my kids! Here are the parties they have had so far......

My daughter had a Black, White, and PINK theme for her 1st birthday:

My daughter had a Dora theme for her 2nd birthday:

My son had a Cars theme for his 4th birthday:

My son had a Toy Story theme for his 3rd birthday:

My son had a Wiggles theme for his 2nd birthday:

My son had a Zoo Animals theme for his 1st birthday:

In December my son will turn 5 and we have most of the stuff bought for his party as far as decorations and supplies go. He chose this year's theme over a year ago!

A couple popular posts that relate to birthday parties are:

Hope you enjoyed checking out my party ideas.

See you again tomorrow! :)


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