Christmas Fave #4- Lolly Jane

Hi Crafting & Creativity readers! We're happy to guest for the cute Sarah today, she's such a gem!

We're going to show you how to make your Christmas decor sparkle today...but first we'd like to introduce ourselves really quick!  We're identical sisters, Kristi & Kelli, from Lolly Jane.  Our little corner of blogland is filled with tutorials, home improvement projects, recipes and more.  
Now onto the project!

Want to add some glitter&glam to your plain jane Christmas decor?
Here are ways to spruce up your {holiday} space!

We've had these fun Christmas-y trees on display at our house for a few years now and just them because they add height to any cluster of decorations we play around with. 
Wanna know how we made 'em?

Supplies needed:
Cone styrofoam . Modpodge . 2- 1/8" Wooden dowels . 2"x2"x1/2" Wood base . Gold spray paint . Glitter 

1. Spray paint (1) wooden dowel & the wood base gold.  Let dry completely.
2. Attach gold dowel to wood base with a screw from the bottom, (my hubby helped me here & even routered the edges to look more glitzy. Awww!)
3. Stick (1) unpainted dowel through the top and the gold dowel/base through the bottom of styrofoam until they are nice and snug.
4. Shave off styrofoam surrounding the top dowel until the cone styrofoam is shaped into a nice pointy Christmas-y tree, (cones come slightly flat on top.  Don't worry if it's not perfectly smooth; the glitter will hide any imperfections.)
5. Paint a thin layer of Modpodge onto cone styrofoam & top wooden dowel. 
6. Generously sprinkle glitter until all surfaces are completely sPaRkLy. 
(Note:  Be sure to glitter the underneath of the tree, too!) 
7. Wait until surface is completely dry.  Display for your viewing pleasure!

Supplies needed:
(3) Red candles . Red glitter . Elmer's Glue . Mod Podge
 Candle #1: Paint a thin layer of modpodge. Roll in red glitter. Dust glitter in cracks.
Candle #2: Squeeze Elmer's glue in thin layer, wrapping around candle. Dust red glitter on.
Candle #3: Repeat directions for candle numero uno ;)

If you're wondering about the gold snowflake in the middle of the frame, I'll let you in on a secret: it's an ornament from the $1 store!  I simply copied the method for my glitter candles: modpodge, dust on gold glitter, tack to frame, display.  That's it!
Thanks again, Sarah, for letting us play on your blog today!  We'd love to catch up with all of you on FB, Twitter and/or Pinterest! XO


I love how pretty all those projects look with a bit of glitter!
I never would have thought of adding glitter to candles. 

Thanks Kelli & Kristi for sharing!

Make sure to check out their super-cute blog soon! :)

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