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Hi I'm Amy from Nap Time Crafters!

I LOVE every kind of craft, but if I had to pick a fav it would definitely be sewing for my little girl (be sure to check out my Pattern Shop). I also love decorating my apartment with very budget friendly projects. Nap Time Crafters is home to 100 free Tutorials {and growing!}, the American Crafter Competition, Friday Favs Party, & a Giveaway every Saturday!

Today I have one of my very favorite Christmas crafts to share with you!

Do you have tons of baby food jars lying around? I do, so I decided to make an advent calendar. And... it's in the shape of a Christmas tree:)

  • 24 baby food jars
  • Ornaments (50% of at Hobby Lobby right now. I got 24 for $3)
  • Beads to hang ornaments on (I cut up a mini garland- again... Hobby Lobby 50% off)
  • Assorted green & brown paper
  • Assorted number decals
  • Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot glue gun
1. Paint your jars and lids. 21 green and 3 brown. I did this with the lids off, so the rim of the jar would get painted too. I used acrylic and it took a couple coats. Spray paint may be easier?? After the paint was dry I went over the jars with a coat of Mod Podge to add a little shine. Don't worry about the top of the lids- we'll get them later

2. Cut out 21 green circles and 3 brown. You could use solid or patterned paper- or a mixture:) I used a 2" circle punch and it was just a tiny bit too big, but I was ok with that. Arrange your circles in a tree shape and apply your numbers. I used a variety of stickers and cut some numbers out on my cricut (yes... I noticed I did 20 twice and I fixed it)

3. Mod Podge your paper circles onto the lids. Go ahead and coat the lid rim while you're at it to give it a nice gloss

4. Hot glue a little bead at the top of each lid, so you have something to hang the ornament on. Screw your lids on just enough to keep them on and then arrange your jars into a tree shape. Hot glue together starting at the bottom. To make sure it was level I lined up the bottom 3 jars against a box.

5. Wrap each ornament in tissue paper and fill the jars. I did presents and a rocking horse for the bottom 3 since they are under the tree and a star at the top. 

I wish I was 8 again:) I know I would've loved this! Maybe next year little miss will be ready to hang the ornaments instead of eating them...

Thanks for having me! 


That is just the best idea for an advent tree. So clever!
Amy, thanks so much for sharing!!

Make sure to head on over to Naptime Crafters to see all the other cute stuff Amy makes :)

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