what I did with free printables PLUS ways to jazz up gift card giving

I printed off a copy of a couple of free printables from this site. And put them in some white frames......

The house rules print was just too pretty with the pink door as the background! I had a silver coloured frame that I spray-painted white and I love how it looks now!!

This purple print of the 13th Article of Faith (the youth theme for 2011) was just too perfect for my 14 year old sister that has a purple/pink/yellow room. I bought the plain white frame from Walmart and used my glue gun to add on the fabric flower. I also added the pink gem in the middle.

For her birthday I gave her a gift card to one of her favourite stores (what teenage girl doesn't love clothes AND shopping?!!). So I wrapped up this frame with her gift card like this:

I used ink on a plain chipboard tag and added on the letter "H" and a couple of purple gems to make this cute tag.

For my older brother who also had a birthday this month, I gave him a gift card to a clothes store along with a Kit Kat. I used a couple ribbons and some hot glue to make the gift look more fun....

It's all about the details!! :)


  1. Cute ideas! Love the 13th article of faith idea!! My teenager would love that too:) Thanks for sharing...

  2. Love them! I need to invest in some spray paint too.


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