girl's 1st birthday party- black, white, and PINK theme

Hi everyone! This is the last birthday party post I have to share this week. Last month my daughter turned one and I did a black, white, and PINK party to celebrate the occasion!

I made and mailed out these invites:

I kept the design fairly simple because I had to a dozen to make!

I made tissue paper pom poms to hang above the table in her party colours. And I made a cute pennant birthday banner to hang up as well. ( I obviously coloured over her name in this photo of it though)

We had pizza for lunch. I set up drinks on the table.....

I selected soda pop flavours with her party colour in mind.

I bought the small pops for the kids that were there. (We did a family party where we had 27 people in our home.)

I had bottled water for those who didn't want pop to drink.

Now onto the TREATS!

I filled four margarita glasses with candies in her party colours.......

I also had some lollipops and some mints......

I bought these candy melts:

.....so that I could dip some pretzels sticks in pink:

.......and I dipped oreo cookies in the white.

Dessert time!

In addition to the cupcakes I had made, we had an ice cram cake. {my daughter is a total ice cream monster!} I had to order it over the phone and the guy didn't get what I was originally asking for, so I just had him put on pink polka dots and do the writing in black. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but it was still yummy and the birthday girl of course didn't have an opinion on it! {wink}

My fave thing that I did was this photo banner of her first year:

I painted 12 clothespins pink and one hot pink.

Then I selected one photo from each of her first 12 months and had a {black and white} 4 X 6 photo made. Then in the middle, I used the hot pink clothespin to add a photo of her at age one. That one I left in colour and had a 5 X 7 photo made. {She was also wearing a pink and white top and a black and white headband- I was pretty consistent in the whole black, white, and pink colour scheme!

Her first 6 months...

...and her second 6 months...

Now onto the treat bags!

I made these little matchbook notepads in black and white...

And found some other things that fit with the party colours:

So that each child got:

~black and white notebook with matching pencil

~pink sugar straw

~pink lollipop

~cookies and cream chocolate bar

It was really hard coming up with pink ideas that work for boys as well because there were more boys than girls.

I bought these pink party bags from a party shop. The boys were just lucky that I didn't buy the matching party hats, etc!! {wink}

And finally, here's what I did for the other guests to take home:

I made up a bunch of these pink fabric rosettes...

And put together these simple cards with a photo inside for everyone/ each couple to take home. {This was a family party.}

I really enjoyed putting together a girly party together for the first time. The fun thing about the 1st birthday is that the child is too young to choose what they want for their party. So the first birthday is a bit more fun for the mom in that way.

Thanks for coming to my birthday party week!


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  1. The party decorations are beautiful and PERFECT timing! My 8 year old just told me she wanted a Black White and Blue themed party lol These are some GREAT ideas! Thanks for posting this!!

  2. What a cute Party! I love the theme and the photo banner. So cute.

  3. Looks great!!! I've always done the personal water bottles but Never though about doing personal 2 litter bottles!! Cool

  4. LOVE IT! I'll probably use a lot of your ideas for when my baby girl turns 1, but I'll add lime green to the mix =D Really love the photo banner and the rosette cards.

  5. Came over from Love Affair with my Brother. I am getting ready to do my daughter's 1st bday party this weekend, so I am glad I found you. Great ideas!

  6. Such a lovely party it is. Liked pink pretzels sticks idea. Really creative.Decorations are also nice.

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