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Today Amy from Naptime Crafters is here to share a tutorial with you........

I'm excited to be back on Crafting and Creativity- thanks Sarah! Want to read my post from the first swap? You can learn to make a cheerleader dress!

Fall's drawing to a close, so I made little miss this cute turtleneck dress that will transition well to winter. It was so easy. The secret: re-purpose an old turtleneck!

So snug and cozy. And with lots of girly pleats:)


  • Turtleneck

  • Fabric for skirt- I used double her waist measurement and you can do any length

1. Cut out your pieces. You'll need two pieces for the skirt, a bodice and sleeves. You can size down sleeves if you're turtleneck was long sleeved. I made my sleeves out of the bottom half of the sweater.

2. Pleat your waist with pins and then stitch down. Sew up the sides of the skirt with the pieces RST.

3. Sew up your the sides of the bodice and sleeves with right sides together.

4. With your bodice inside out and the sleeve right side out, pin the sleeve into the armhole RST. Stitch down

5. Turn the bodice right side out and then attach the skirt to the bodice.

The perfect little dress!

And I love that it was so quick I made it before church:)

I hope you'll stop by naptime crafters and say hello. Have a happy thanksgiving!


Thanks so much Amy for sharing! That is such a great dress and your daughter looks adorable in it! :)

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