headband embellishments

Now that I have a little girl, I've been making lots of cute embellishments to add to headbands/ hair clips......

Here is how the twisty fabric ones are made.

I trace around the lid from my son's vitamins to make the size of circle I want on a scrap piece of felt, then cut it out.

I tear a long piece of fabric that is just under 2 inches wide. If you want a more tidy looking flower, cut the fabric instead of tearing it.

Tie a knot at the end. Then glue into the center of the felt circle.

Twist the fabric piece and glue it down when needed.....

...and repeat.....

...keep on going.....

...until the piece of felt is covered.

Trim the unnecessary fabric off, then tuck it under and glue down.

Add a button or other embellishment if desired.

These are great to decorate headbands, hair elastics, clothing, bags, etc......! You can also add them onto bobby pins instead of the flowers I added onto these bobby pins that I made for my niece.

I bought the black and white elastic I've been making headbands out of from Fabricland. I can't remember the cost per metre, but it is really cheap. I bought 2 metres of it and that has been enough to make at least 6 headbands.
I also bough this set of 3 wide ones from Dollarama. I fold them in half them sew the edge so they aren't too wide for my daughter's head. They seem quite comfy on her little head and they stay in place pretty well, too!

Here's what an embellished one looks like after being sewn in half:

And here's my daughter modelling one I made with the regular elastic:

{This project- the headband embellishments- was featured on Crystal's Craft Spot}


  1. This is the easiest tutorial I have seen for these rolled flower roses! I think I might try it this time!

  2. Found you through making the worl cuter. Great tutorial! This will really help me out. My sister has a 7 week old baby girl and I'm about to thrown down, making some cute hairbands for her.

    ~ The Speckled Dog (craft business book giveaway on my blog until 9/2)

  3. I've just made my first rolled fabric flower a few days ago from another tutorial ,.. yours looks WAY easier!!! Thanks :) Found you on follow me Fridays ;)


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