december daily album

During the 2008 Christmas season, I took Ali Edward's December Daily concept & made an album documenting what we did in the days leading up to Christmas. I love looking back at what we did that year. I made it a 6" X 12" size which I found really fun to do. The whole idea with this book is that anything goes!! There are some pages that are smaller and the different sizes look cool all together.

front cover:
dec 1st:
dec 2nd:
dec 2nd & 3rd:
dec 4th:
on dec 4th I made all of our Christmas cards, so I included one of the cards along with the photo of our son we sent out in an envelope.

dec 4th:
dec 5th:
dec 5th:
dec 5th:
dec 5th & 6th:
dec 7th & 8th:
dec 9th & 10th:
dec 10th & 11th:
dec 12th:dec 13th:
dec 14th & 15th:
dec 16th:
dec 17th:
dec 17th:
dec 18th & 19th:
dec 20th:
dec 21st & 22nd:
dec 22nd & 23rd:
dec 24th & 25th:
dec 25th:
back cover:

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  1. HOw fun! I was going to do it as well and even printed everything out but then I was a slacker and just didn't. You've inspired me to find and do it this year!


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