ABC quietbook for church

I made this scrapbook style Gospel ABC Quietbook for church during an activity at my church a few months back:


B & C:

D & E:
F & G: ( I'll be able to update our family picture from time to time) I have yet to include pictures of kid's grandparents for the "G" page.

H & I:

J & K:
L & M:
N & O:
P & Q:
R & S:
T & U:

V & W:

X & Y: (instead of including a picture of my son on the letter "y" page -"Y" is for You- I decided to put one of those locker mirrors in the book instead. Kids like looking in the mirror and I can use the same book for our next child as well. He likes looking at this page the best during church.)


Because my son is only 2 and a half, he just likes telling us the letters on each page at this point. And he likes the pictures of our family, too. It's something that he'll appreciate more as he gets a bit older. But I enjoyed making it and I'm glad I did it!

If you are interested in making one of your own, I can email the word strips and scriptures to you so you can just print those at home.

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  1. LOVE it! You are such a great scrapbooker- I was lazy and did all of my pages in the same format:)


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