braided fabric flowers

Here's a tutorial for a fun new take on the twisted fabric flowers!

I traced around the base of a bowl to make the size of circle I wanted on my piece of felt. Then I cut it out.

I took 3 long strips of fabric and tied a knot at one end. (You could sew them together if you prefer.)

I snipped off the excess above the knot. Braided the pieces a bit...

Then glued the knot into the center of my piece of felt. (I upbraided it to redo the braid a bit nicer before I took this photo. Sorry for any confusion.)

Then you braid, twist around, and glue when needed..........

And keep going until your piece of felt is covered.......

Then cut off any excess fabric and glue & tuck the end underneath the piece of felt. And it will look like this:

NOTE: If you want a more tidy look, cut your fabric instead of tearing it like I did.

I decided to glue a button with a piece of ribbon in the middle of mine so my finished product looks like this:

If you try this, leave me a link to your post in the comments below!


  1. Thanks for participating today!!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!Now following and super excited because your blog is very cute and inspiring!!!

  2. These are very cute! I just discovered twisted fabric flowers and I love them, I really like this take too! I'm going to be addicted, I just know it!

    I also really like the color you chose for your son's room. It's so cheerful!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Glad you liked the alphabet book!

    Come back anytime!

  3. You have so many fun crafts to share...found you from NFF and now following....hope for you to come to my blog and check it out and do the same:)

  4. I saw this blog yesterday and had to try it out myself! I made one with three different colors (solid) and I just love it! And it's SO easy! I also tried your yo-yo's today and it turned out great, as well! Thank you for the tutorials!


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