DIY Lego Table

I put together this Lego table for my kids and it was super-easy!

I bought a Lack side table from Ikea. I chose a white one, but they have other colours, including red or yellow or green that would be cute. (price is in Canadian Dollars)

After putting it together...

All I did was measure out where the centre was so I would have the boards straight and in the middle, with a little border of the table around the edges. I just used my hot glue gun to add on the boards and they are stuck on good!

My kids had a few different types of Lego storage containers, but in the interest of space saving & a simple look, I bought this awesome bin to go underneath. It's a Vessla bin from Ikea. I have a few of these in our play room in other colours (green, blue, pink). They have casters on the bottom to move & a lid (sold separately). I love them for toys!

This now lives in our living room...

My kids of course loved it and play Lego every day. And it {mostly} stays on the table! Stepping on Lego hurts!

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