A Yellow & Grey Tea Party Bridal Shower

Last month I hosted a Bridal Shower at my house for my husband's sister.
I did the decorations, one sister-in-law did the food & one sister-in-law did the games.

I think it all turned out great and everyone seemed to have a good time!

I thought a tea party shower would be fun as my sister-in-law (the bride) collects tea pots and likes tea. The yellow & grey were her wedding colours, so that made sense to use those for the shower, but it's tricky to find yellow & grey stuff in the fall I tell you!

Here's the invitation I created, I made it to coordinate with the wedding invitation...

The banner I created.

One of the centerpieces & a frame I painted with a photo of the couple in it.

I had this jar out with strips of paper so people could write down some date ideas for the couple.

The bride likes lemon drops and they fit in with the theming ever so nicely

Another one of the centerpieces & another frame I painted with a photo of the couple in it.

And another of the centerpieces & more frame I painted with a photos of the couple inside.

I got this tea pot and had all the guests use a sharpie to sign their names on it and gave it to the bride at the end of the shower as a keepsake.

I made little place-cards for everyone at the tables. I enjoyed bringing out my good China dishes and silverware to make it all fancy for our tea party.

My sister-in-law did veggies & dip, fruit kebabs, cookies, cucumber sandwiches, and tea for the food.

I made label card for in front of each tea pot. I set each tea pot on a doily with a trivet underneath to protect my island.

I made the chalkboard print.

The subway art I made in their wedding colours.

The date night jar idea getting filled as the shower went on.

At the end of the shower, I gave the bride: the jar of date night ideas, the tea pot everyone signed, and the book I wrote down the gifts she was given. I stuck all these favors in the cute yellow gift bag for her to take.


  1. I agree that Tea shower parties are really fun to attend. Last week I attended a tea party at corporate events Chicago location with my office staff. It was truly a great event, and the arrangement was wonderful.


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