organize me monday #7

So I am bringing back "organize me monday". It never really left, I just got too busy and had to put it on the back burner temporarily.

So I love to organize. And I especially get the urge to purge and improve my organization at the beginning of the year. I have done lots so far & still have more planned that I want to do.

Today I'm just going to quickly share what I did to 2 cupboards in my kitchen that always bug me!

The cupboard above the stove:
home to my cookbooks, oven mitts, disposable cutlery, things to put under hot dishes, take-out menus, and pain relief medicine!

  • The cookbooks are off to the side with a book end keeping them in place. Then my oven mitts are beside that.
  • The plastic cutlery is in a plastic flowerpot that came from a dollar store. And it sits on top of the things to put hot dishes on.
  • The little pink tea cup was something I had from Michael's & it's perfect to have toothpicks in.
  • The pain relief & some other medicines are in the plastic basket. It's also a good spot for any other medicines that are used more regularly, like the extra inhalers for my daughter (in the little container with the blue lid) And vitamins are also in there. A good place for things that we use often!
  • At the far right, I tucked in the little folder thing where I keep a few takeout menus. I only have 5 in there. Those can get out of hand if they aren't purged often!

The other cupboard I hate is the one where plastic things are kept....

I love the holder that has all the plastic wrap, ziplock bags, tin foil, and wax paper. That was added right after we bought our house. It has been so handy!

My major issue with this cupboard is simply that there are lots of different-shaped items that make it hard to get things feeling organized.

On the top shelf, I have a couple bins, which help. One holds the kids' snack containers & the other is for smaller food storage containers. Behind those, I have the ice cube trays leaning in 2 rows. I have like 8 or 10 of those.

On both shelves, I have plastic serving things leaning.

On the bottom, I also have place mats for the kids & plastic cutting boards.

Which cupboards do you hate in your kitchen??

Anyone else in a serious organizing mood this month??

More organizing to come next Monday! :)


  1. I use a lot of baskets & bins to organize in my kitchen too. I think the hardest thing to keep organized are all of my daughters cups, bowls, snack cups, etc.

  2. I'm so unorganised, I need all the help I can get, thanx for the tips.

  3. I need all the help I can get, I'm so disorganised and i do need to do some cupboards. Thanx for the tips.

  4. Yay for organization! Great tips. I need to redo my kitchen cabinets...again...
    Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  5. Great ideas! Time to get into my kitchen :)

  6. Great tips! I should be in the organization mood but I'm not :)
    ~Tonia @TheGunnySack.com

  7. I love your ideas, just tackling a few cupboards at a time and it doesn't seem so overwhelming! We would love to have you come share this at our weekly link party every Saturday! -The Sisters


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