Christmas Fave #7- Crystal's Craft Spot

Hi everyone I'm Crystal, from Crystal's Craft Spot.  I'm a stay at home mom of two adorable little girls.  When I'm not chasing them around or cleaning up one of the many messes they make, I sneak in to my craft room to create something.  I love everything from sewing, to wood, crocheting, and jewelry making and I share it all on my blog.

Many of my Christmas memories involve baking cookies with my mom and leaving some for Santa.  Of course we left Carrots for the reindeer.  In return he would leave us a letter telling us how good we were and that we need to continue to listen to our mom and dad.  Any way I wanted to keep up the tradition with my kids and this is a really easy and a great alternative if you don't have access to vinyl.

You need:
a clear plate ($1.50 at Walmart)
mod podge
letters (mine are cut from computer paper)

-Cut out your letters and also your fabric so it is slightly bigger then your plate.

-Flip your plate over (bottom side up) and add mod podge to the area your letters are going.

-Add your letters (make sure they are backwards so they are the correct way when you flip your plate back over).

-Add mod podge to the top of your letters and smooth out. Let it dry.

-Cover your entire plate with mod podge and carefully place your fabric on top. Smooth out all of the wrinkles and pull it tight. Add mod podge to the top of the fabric and again smooth out all of the bubbles. Let it dry (it took a little over an hour).


-Cut away the extra fabric and add to a little stand.

This was a lot of fun and I need to go and get a bunch more plates.  Thanks Sarah for having me!


I love that idea! Thanks for sharing Crystal!

Make sure to visit her blog & check out all the other fun things she creates :)


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