Christmas Fave #1- Keeping it Simple

Hi everyone, I'm Kaysi from Keeping it Simple.

I have a thing for snowmen. I just love decorating with them. I think that I like them because you can use them for Christmas but you can also use them for all of winter. So when I saw this idea, I knew that I wanted to make it!

This is how I made it:
1) I started with 5 pieces of 2x4 wood (I know that in the picture there is 6, I was going to use all of them, but decided it was too crowded). I cut them in various sizes, from 12 inches to 18 inches.

2) I used the 18 inch piece for the bottom. Using a glue gun (I couldn't find my wood glue) I glued the other pieces on the bottom pieces.

3) For more reinforcement, I stapled the backs of each piece

4) I then painted all of it white

Now for the cute hats, I made them out of adult gloves

5) I turned the gloved inside out and sewed the thumb.

6) I then gathered the four fingers and tied them with ribbon

7) I cut each finger in half, just for fun :)

8) I then placed the hat onto the snowman

9) I then made three more hats and some scarves out of fleece

10) Using black paint, I painted on the faces. For the noses, I used some wooden V letters that I had and painted them orange.

Now for the sign:
11) Using my Silhouette, I cut the letters out of card stock and patterned paper

12) Using mod podge, I put the letters and snowflakes onto my black piece of wood

13) I then glued the sign in front of the wood and stapled the bottom

14) I then used cotton balls and glued them all over the bottom piece of wood.

And now it's on my porch, ready to greet people when they come by!!!


Those are seriously cute! Kaysi, thanks for sharing how to make them!!

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  1. Super cute! I love the snowmen and the Keeping it Simple Blog! Just started following your blog. I'm excited to see more!


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