ABC quietbook for church {re-post}

For scrapbook saturday today, I thought I would re-post this Gospel Quietbook I made a couple years ago. (Back before I had a craft blog & was posting all my crafty stuff on our family blog.)


I made this scrapbook-style Gospel ABC Quietbook for my son to look through at church...


B & C:

D & E:

F & G: ( I'll be able to update our family picture from time to time) I have yet to include pictures of kid's grandparents for the "G" page.

H & I:

J & K:
L & M:
N & O:
P & Q:
R & S:
T & U:

V & W:

X & Y: (instead of including a picture of my son on the letter "y" page -"Y" is for You- I decided to put one of those locker mirrors in the book instead. Kids like looking in the mirror and I can use the same book for our next child as well. He likes looking at this page the best during church.)


My son still likes looking through his book. He likes pointing out all the letters, talking about the Savior and the prophet and the temple. And asking about the other photos

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