organize me monday #1

For week one of "Organize Me Monday", I thought I would share my organization system for our front entry closet. It is a small space, so I needed to make it efficient...

The 2 bins on the top I bought a couple years ago from Winners for $12.99 each. One holds my husbands hats and the other holds my flip flops. In the winter, I switch those out with toques and scarves, etc.

This hanging shoe organizer is so awesome! I bought it from Ikea for $11.99 a couple years ago. It is just the perfect size to hold my kids' hats, sandals, shoes, as well as sunscreen and bubbles at the top. And again in the winter I switch things around to make room for mittens and toques.

I absolutely LOVE a good storage container or new idea of how to organize something. This closet is small for our family of 4, but it works!


  1. I have to organize some of my cluttered spaces :)
    thanks for stopping at my blog and your comment :)
    I am your new follower on your blog and on pinterest!

  2. Great way to organize! Can you come over to my house and do mine? Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I appreciate your comments!!

  3. GREAT JOB!! I have a small bedroom closet & this looks like the perfect way to organize it! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog too! I followed you back on Pinterest ;-) and now I'm following your blog! Thanks again! Love your creativity! xo, Reannah


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