boy's 2nd birthday party- Wiggles theme

When my son turned 2, he had a Wiggles party since he had been a HUGE fan pretty well all year before. This theme was a big challenge since I could only buy Wiggles stuff from their website and had to pay to ship items from Australia to Canada. So I ordered the bare bones of party supplies and made up the rest.

Basic happy birthday balloons in the Wiggles colours: blue, yellow, red, and purple.....

I made the cake myself and used an edible image I bought from the online store. I made rolled marshmallow fondant and did the cake an hour or less before the part started- not smart. The fondant didn't want to cover the cake and there were a couple of "imperfections".Oh well. My son still LOVED it and it still tasted good, too.

This party was later in the afternoon, so I opted to do snack things instead of having a meal at 2 in the afternoon! Cheese ball and crackers:

.....and veggies & dip were a couple of the things we had to eat. {the veggie dip was served in an emptied out green pepper.}

I bought the banner online and it had a bunch of smaller images that hung from the bottom.

And the invites I purchased:

I bought these small gift bags in Wiggles colours {could not find red, so we had 2 in blue} and added on these images that came from one of the programs we got when we had gone to their concert a couple months before. {Like I said, he was sooo obsessed with The Wiggles!}

Each kid got a Wiggles noise-maker, a jar of Play-Doh in a Wiggles colour, and a box of Smarties- they're full of Wiggles colours!

As my kids are still little, I just do a party where we invite extended family, so I try to keep it somewhat simple, while still making it special for the birthday kid!



  1. Cute Party! Found you at TT&J. We just had a 2nd b-day party too :)

  2. What an adorable party!! My little one would love it!

    Stopping by from Keeping it Simple!


  3. Your cake is so cute and you carried through the theme beautifully!

  4. Theme is lovely, cake is sweet, food is delicious and decoration is perfect. you have arrange the best Kids Birthday Parties in Orlando for your kid.


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