re purposed gift box

A while back, I made up this cute box to store some jigsaw puzzles that my son has. They needed a home!

I had this gift box from ages ago waiting to be re purposed! With some scrapbook supplies and very little time, it now has a real use.

I began by sanding the entire outside of the box, so the finish wasn't so smooth. Then I cut the patterned paper to size and scored the parts where it was going to fold over the top edges.

I decided to use this polka dot paper for the edges of the lid:

I used lots of glue to secure the paper. Mod Podge would have worked, too.

Then I used green and blue inks to distress all the edges and corners.

I inked up this chipboard puzzle piece...

Then covered it up with this textured baby blue paper.

I added the puzzle piece to the top of the lid and then added some chipboard letters to the side of the box for a label.

It's the perfect size to store away all these little puzzle sets when I want them put up. (Like when my daughter is awake. She thinks everything belongs in her mouth.)

And my son loves it!!


  1. Love the papers you selected and the final touch that you added with the puzzle.



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