pink and green tutu TUTORIAL

In case you missed it, I was invited to guest post at Crystal's Craft Spot last week where I shared a tutu tutorial. Here it is.......

Today I'm going to sh0w you how to make a pretty tutu for your little girl to dress up in!
For supplies all you need is your tulle (I think I used about 3 meters in each color), elastic, and sequins and/or flowers to embellish it at the end if you desire. (BTW, I didn't end up using both the flowers pictured here, I just went with the green one.)

You will also need scissors, needle and thread, and a glue gun if you decide to add flowers at the end.
Cut your tulle into 2 inch strips that are twice as long as you would like the length of your tutu to be at the end. I ended up having about 70 pieces of tulle in each of my colors...

Measure the child's waist and subtract a couple of inches because we're using elastic for the waist. Sew the ends together.
Next, slip the elastic past your knee because that's an easy way to tie the tulle strips onto it. Fold each piece in half, then tie it on like so...

How much easier does it get?!! Keep on going now until your tutu is looks as full as you want it to look!

You can either leave it and you're done.............

Which is totally fine. It looks really pretty like this.

OR you can jazz it up a bit more! I made this one for my six year old niece to play dress-up with, so I wanted it to be more flashy! So I sewed the sequined piece of elastic around the top, using my needle and thread.

Then I added the large flower using my glue gun. Here's the finished product:

And in case you're a new reader of this blog, here are the ones I made in the past for my daughter........

I made this pink one so she could be a ballerina for Halloween:

And I made this fall-inspired one just for fun:

Happy crafting!!


  1. Thanks for showing this especially with the fish net tulle. I have a bunch of that because it was cheap on Fabric.com, but have been scared to make a tutu from it. Glad to see it looks just a cute! Love the extra flashiness you added to it. =D

  2. How awesome and I love the colors!What a fun dress-up tutu!! Please add this to my linky party!

  3. Such a cute tutu! I bet she loves it!

    Thanks for linking up to FFA!

    Hannah @ http://youngancrafty.blogspot.com/


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