green flower TUTORIAL

Want to learn how to make one of these??

Step 1: Trace circles onto the fabric. {Must be the shiny synthetic fabric so it will melt when heated, cotton fabric will just burn.} I used 5 circles, you can use more if you want it to be bigger


Step 2: Cut them out. I added a few snips with my scissors so the petals were more defined. That is optional.

Step 3: Using tongs of pliers, hold each circle a few inches above the flame of a candle so the edges melt. I lined my counter with a piece of tin foil so I could set the circles down right after.

This is what they looked like after that step.

Step 4: Glue them all together with glue gun. Add a button or jewel to the centre.

And now you have a ca-ute flower to add to whatever your heart desires.

Happy crafting!

{This project was featured on the Childmade site & on Life With The Lebedas.}


  1. I love the way this flower looks!! It's something new and unique!


  2. This is cute! I shared your lace flower on my blog!

  3. Ohhhh....I think I'm in love! I'm your newest follower from Nerw Friend Friday!! I have just peeked around here but can't wait to look through your archives. I can only wish I was as awesome as some of you other "Crafty" bloggers.

  4. Really cute! I have always wanted to learn how to make one of those! Following from New Friend Friday :)

  5. Hi, great idea! I love all these homemade flower tutorials, so creative!

    Here from NFF, have a happy friday!

  6. I am crazy for all of these fabric flowers. Great job.

  7. Love fabric flowers!!! Your's is so cute. Thanks for sharing.
    Suzie @

  8. LOVE how curley the tips are... that is just too cute!!!

    ~Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

  9. This is so pretty. You always make the best flowers.


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